سرو کوهی (Juniper)

سرو کوهی Juniperسرو کوهی Juniperسرو کوهی Juniper
lat. Juniperus virginiana
Group: Woods and Mosses
Juniper Juniperus virginiana
Juniper Juniperus virginiana
Juniper Juniperus virginiana
Odor profile: the berries of juniper comprise the characteristic aromatic bouquet of gin

Juniper is coniferous plant in the genus Juniperus of the cypress family. Junipers vary in size, ranging from small shrubs to tall trees. The fruit grows seed cones with fleshy and fruit-like “berries” that can be red-brown or orange in color, even though they are most typically blue. The berries are very aromatic and they are typically used as a spice. Juniper berries are used as flavoring in gin.

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