هلو (Peach)

هلو Peachهلو Peachهلو Peach

lat. Prunus persica
Group: Fruits and Vegetables
Peach Prunus persica
Peach Prunus persica
Peach Prunus persica
Odor profile: very popular fruity note, fleshy, sweet, nectarous, its skin scent can be recreated via undecalactone (commonly referenced as aldehyde C14).

Peach, Prunus persica, is a deciduous tree that belongs to the subfamily Prunoideae of the family Rosaceae. It is famous all around the globe thanks to the juicy edible fruits called peach. This plant is native to China, and it has been widely cultivated in Persia, from where it arrived to Europe. Even the species name bears a reminiscence of the ancient kingdom of Persia – Persica.

Peaches are first mentioned in ancient Chinese scriptures from the 10th century BC, where they were regarded as the most precious fruit, favored by emperors and nobles. The peach entered the Europe after the Alexander Great conquered the Persians and brought into his homeland what was then called “Persian apple.” French word for apple is “pêche,” and this is how the modern English name for peach came to life.

The people of the Americas have become acquainted with the peach in 17th century, thanks to the Spanish explorers. The plant was for long time regarded as a rare delicacy, until the commercial production of peaches begun in the 19th century. The fruit of a peach has yellowish flesh full of fresh juices and delicate aroma that is typically sweet with just a little bit of acidity. Depending on the sort, the exact aroma may vary greatly, being more or less sugary, savory or juicy. There are more than 700 varieties of peaches, and some of them are even completely flat, shaped like hockey pucks! The most popular variants are, however, round ones – especially nectarines, a cultivar group of peaches distinguished by smooth fuzzy-less peach.

Even today, China is the largest producer of peaches, followed by Italy. Traditionally, peach blossoms are very much appreciated among Chinese people. The ancient Chinese believed that peach wood branches and blossoms protect against evil and bad luck. Peach kernels are also used as a natural remedy to reduce allergies and suppress inflammation. For Chinese people, peach is a symbol of longevity, as it blossoms even before the leaves sprout.

Today we use peach for its sweet lusciousness, and it is usually eaten out of hand, dried, canned, used as fillings for deserts, and made into jams or beverages. Aromatic and sweet taste of peaches has been a source of inspiration for many perfumes. The rich flavor of ripe peach stems from its high contents of lactones, especially gamma- and delta-decalactone, and combines very well with fruity and floral compositions. Peach note adds a hit of velvety suppleness to an olfactory harmony, and it is commonly used to ground chypre-based compositions. This unique flavor naturally develops in picked fruits, and especially in fruits fallen from the tree, having a creamy, milky and often coconut undertones. However, since there is no way to extract the essential oil from peaches, this note is reproduced synthetically using lactones to deliver fresh and fruity nuances to countless aromatic symphonies, ranging from high-end perfumes to various body-care products.

Aromatic white peach emanates from Guerlain’s Mitsouko, a warm and spicy type of fragrance beautifully rounded with sparkling fruity and floral notes. Another beautiful example is Chanel’s Coco, that delivers a creamy burst of peach, vanilla and clove. Gucci’s Rush, smelling of a luscious exotic flowers cocktail, uses peach to emphasize the impulsive and irresistible uniqueness of this fragrance.

Beyonce choose peach as a dominant note of a fragrance that truly represents herself, the Heat; while Taylor Swift’s also uses peaches in Wonderstruck, to ground her floral fragrance with sparkling fruity tones.

Other fragrances that contain peach note can be found listed below this article.

Author: Marina Milojević (Mary)
Fragrantica Writer, Translator & Editor

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